Embracing Lean Principles for Efficiency

At Bay Machining, we have embraced a set of “Lean Principles” resulting in higher quality and faster turnaround.

We are not a stereotypical machine shop. High efficiency bright lighting shines throughout the entire shop floor, allowing workers the best illumination and visual available thereby minimizing error and maximizing accuracy and productivity.

Efficient and effective tool supply management is emphasized on the shop floor including labeled storage drawers, pegboards for hanging tools, bins with supplies sorted by size and type, all allowing workers to focus on productivity without wasting time searching for tools and supplies.

State-of-the-art climate control including air conditioning not only allows our machines to operate at peak efficiency, but also allows workers to experience a more comfortable work environment enhancing mental awareness and greater productivity.

At Bay Machining, we take pride in our workplace. Surfaces are clean, organized, and free of debris and clutter.

The benefits of efficiency in our operation are passed on to all our customers, resulting in better time management and cost savings for the customer.

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